How Is The Rebecca Nurse Presented In The Crucible

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In The Crucible by Arthur Miller there are many characters that overlap each other throughout the play. The character that I will be analyzing is Rebecca Nurse, a respected individual in the community because of her kindness. Rebecca’s husband is Giles Corey who feels that he can no longer prayer because he saw Rebecca reading, which he mentions to Reverend Hale. Reverend Hale investigate witch trials and finds it intriguing that Giles’ wife may be a witch. Since Rebecca is well respected there is a woman who is jealous of her life, Mrs. Putnam. Mrs. Putnam is married to Thomas Putnam and had seven infants who all died as an infant. Mrs. Putnam accuses others of using witchcraft. Rebecca doesn’t know or see that Mrs. Putnam is jealous that she is respected and have children. Mrs. Putnam wants Rebecca life because Rebecca has everything that she wants in life. If Mrs. Putnam can’t have a life like Rebecca maybe no one can. …show more content…
This question fits Rebecca because she is intolerant of the witch trials. And her intolerant affects how other people view her, like her husband. Since Rebecca doesn’t believe in the witchcraft or trial it not only shows that she is intolerant of people blaming the supernatural, but it comes a main conflict for Rebecca. In Salem people view people like Rebecca as witches because they not believe in witches. But the people who do believe in the idea of witches face fear of being accused so it’s better for them to accuse others. Fear is an important theme towards Rebecca because she doesn’t know that her husband fears of her reading. She doesn’t quite see the people in the town accuse others of witchcraft out of fear. It’s better to not believe in the idea of witches and pretend you do believe, to prevent from being

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