How I Was Experienced Love Essay

797 Words Aug 26th, 2015 4 Pages
First, I will be explain how I experienced love. I had my first girlfriend when I was in Freshmen year, that’s when I didn’t know what love is, I skipped classes just to see her, I almost failed classes in high school, I thought love was always seeing your special someone every single day without missing a day, and showing her kindness. My second girlfriend I had was in junior year, that was when I became more mature and how much I learned how to love someone. When we dated for 2 years, I didn’t get why I’m even dating this girl because all we do is just argue every day because of small problems, but we both turned it into a big problem. I didn’t like it how it was going because I was already stressing out and I will always get mad. Second, how my friends and family experienced love, some of my friends are actually still together since then, and they seem really happy. They would always tell me great news how they get a long and telling me how they want to have their future together. Most of my friends are always sad and distracted because they always fight nor they always want something else. What I mean by something else, I mean they want sex. A lot of high scholars are always in relationships because they want the sex. My friends are always involved in those kind of situation. I asked my parents a lot of questions about love, my mom said “Love is really rare, but always think what you want to do before you actually love that person” for example, she told me that when…

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