How I Truly Became Successful Essay

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Realizing How You Truly Became Successful When you transform into a different person, you can describe this as a change. Everyone undergoes change, whether good or bad. Our transitions from children to adults are great changes that might result in many different emotions. As we are kids changing into adults, through this process, although it happens to be hard to identify, we realize that we our maturing and changing. As we grow older, our education might grow too. Education allows people to change in different aspects of their lives. This is what Rodriguez experienced throughout his life as a child to an adult. Reminiscing on his pass about his success, he realized in order to advance in education, change was inevitable, mandatory, and necessary. It affected his life in many ways, especially how he viewed his parents success in education. His educational view was structured by both of his parents and his school environments that required and promoted high academic standards.
“I couldn 't forget that schooling was changing me and separating me from the life I enjoyed before becoming a student” (339). At a young age, Rodriguez was a scholarship boy. Primarily, a scholarship boy is someone who studies all the time and make sacrifices to things he love just so he could continue his schooling and education. He realized that he had two separate worlds, his education and his life at home. At first he uses the strategy of spending the same amount of time with his family and his…

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