Essay about How I Started A New Home

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Growing up I was a very rambunctious child, which usually got me into a bit of trouble with my mother. As I started growing older I played every sport imaginable. I played football, soccer, basketball, baseball, And I wrestled. My mom was always there to watch me. I continued to play most of these sports up to Middle school where I started to have troubles academically and socially. Now I should backtrack slightly. at the beginning of my 5th grade year of school my parents decided that they wanted to build a new house for the family to live in, because up to this point we had lived in a trailer home park. after about 8 months of anticipation we were finally able to move into our new home. However with the move I had to change school districts which was a lot harder than I had originally thought it would be. because I lived so far away from my old school I rarely got to see my old friends, so I had make a new friend group, and try to get a feel for the way the school operated. Over the school year I made friends and had a decent understanding of what was expected from us the students. Then the school year came to close for the summer, which meant that bible camp was right around the corner. I had attended Portage Lake Covenant Bible camp every year since 1st grade. and this summer was a special summer because it was the first retreat I would get to stay for an entire week!
In the previous years I was only able to go for a weekend, but now that I was a middle schooler I was…

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