How I Really Make Change Work For You Essay

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How To Really Make Change Work For You

You 've been open and honest about your life and where you are at. You know where you want to go. Now, how do you take the steps to make it happen? You develop a new perception. When you develop a new view on something, and it moves you enough to create some serious emotion in you, then you will change.

For instance, my friend wanted to stop eating chocolate because she felt like she was addicted to it. So, she developed a new perception on chocolate and pictured it as solid poop. Chocolate chips were animal poop. Chocolate bars were poop formed into bars. As soon as she pictured that, she had an emotional reaction to chocolate, and the thought of eating poop made her sick. She hasn 't touched chocolate since.

Another friend of mine was addicted to the casino. She was spending all of her extra money there, and even though she hated losing her money, she would see a casino and perceive it as a place that she 'could ' win some money. At one point she had enough and decided she wasn 't going to give the casino another dime. So, she took two letters form the casino and focused on those rather than the slot machines inside. She saw 'no ' instead of casino, and that simple 'no ' was enough to remind her that she didn 't want to go there anymore. She hasn 't been there in two years now, and she was going 3 times a week for over 10 years.

But how can you apply this in your life? Take one of the goals you created and find a way to…

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