How I Make The Power Of The Mind Work For You Essay

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How To Make The Power Of The Mind Work For You

There is plenty of research to support the fact that our attitude, beliefs, and perception affect our personal reality. Optimistic people are shown to live longer and health can improve with positive changes. In other words, you can shift your current reality by changing your attitude, beliefs, and perception.

As Joe points out, it is important to have an intense emotion behind changing so that you can convince your body that what you are telling it is really happening so that it can make the changes it needs to make. While reading Joe 's book, it became clear that visualization is the key to affecting your mind in a way that affects your entire body.

How To Make Visualization Work For You

Joe used visualization when he was unable to move by visualizing himself taking a shower, sitting up to use the bathroom, or taking a walk. He found that as he was able to improve his visualization with deeper clarity, he began to signal the new genes in his body and he started to get better quickly. His mind and the potentials in the quantum field (his visualizations) worked together to bring about the changes that he wanted in his body. (Sounds like the law of attraction to me!)

To use visualization, you have to combine a clear intention with emotion that conditions your body to believe that what you are visualization has already happened. The emotion is important because when your visualization has a lot of energy behind it, you…

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