How I Changed My Life Essay

1439 Words Sep 8th, 2015 6 Pages
Everything I do holds me captive; from how I treat people to how I am treated. How I was raise haunts me every day. Nothing is ever easy and only when you realize this will someone like me try to find a ‘happiness’. I found a category of ‘happiness’, and that is art. As a small child, maybe I was six or seven, I knew I was to take care of myself and try as hard as I could not to be dependent on my parents. My father was often tired but would take care of me as any parent would, buying food for the household and helping me get what I wanted or needed. My mother was more childish and I knew I had to become more mature, and so I did; I always did my best to stay calm in situations where most children would cry or whine, and because I was a child this was sometimes impossible. I think that when I was small I was likely very happy and tried my best to make everyone happier than me, always preferring other people to be happy. I was so young when I unknowingly found what real stress was. I was always worried about what would happen if Dad passed away, he was the only one who could sustain my small, dysfunctional family because mom was rarely sober, when she was she was sleeping, when she wasn’t sleeping she was working, when she wasn’t working she was eating, and in the smallest chance she wasn’t doing any of that, she was (usually) arguing or interacting with me in some uncomfortable way, shape or form. Often, Mom was drinking when we would actually speak to one…

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