How I Changed My Life Essay

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Looking back into my life, I’ve uncovered many roles that I have carried out to mold me into the person I am today. From my childhood, I was first introduced to fulfilling the roles and responsibilities of a daughter, sister and soon later, establishing a stable, meaningful self. As I reflect on myself, I begin to review my steps as a caring daughter, exemplary sister and as a selfless individual. Reminiscing as a high school senior, beginning to enter the realms of the adult life of responsibilities, I grasp the concept of gratitude and appreciation for those who have served an influential role in my life.

Growing up, my sister and I began to learn of popular older songs such as the song “Papa” by Paul Anka released in 1974. Singing along with my dad, by the age of ten, I knew the lyrics by heart. My favorite verse was “Everyday my papa would work, to try to make ends meet, to see that we would eat, keep those shoes upon my feet”. This stanza highlights the efforts his father had made to contribute to the family such as: maintaining a source of income to provide for the family. These lyrics have a special place in my heart as my parents would take alternating day and night shifts so that they could take care of us instead of hiring a babysitter. As my parents were both young immigrants, they both arrived to America without the support of their parents. With this unfortunate experience, they pledged to be there for my sisters and I day and night. From Paul Anka 's memoir…

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