How I Changed My Life Essay

1531 Words May 24th, 2016 null Page
The one thing that differentiates 7.3 billion people from each other is their personality. No one has the exact same mindset, thoughts, or emotions at the same time, which is so intriguing. Personalities can come from a mixture of genetics, childhood experiences, or the environment that surrounds someone.

I personally believe that my personality developed solemnly based on how I was raised. Looking back on how my childhood took place, I realize that my mom has had a strong impact on how I act today, which is a negative influence unfortunately. My parents split when I was two, so I never knew what it was like to have both biological parents together and having that loving environment. My dad ended up joining the Army and was sent to his base in Alaska, so I lived with my mom for four years without seeing my dad. My mom soon found a new man named Tim that loved my brother and I unconditionally. He has definitely been a positive influence in my life, especially since I saw him as the father figure at the time. I would always fall back on him when I needed help.

Anyways, my mother would drag me from house to house, town to town, trying to find somewhere she felt comfortable, so I never had a stable home to call “home.” I ached to have somewhere I could go to escape away from my mom when I started getting older around thirteen. The hatred I had in my heart towards her for dragging me through hell and back would possess my body sometimes that caused me to lash out on her. I…

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