How I Became A Social Justice Essay

1524 Words Nov 25th, 2015 null Page
As in individual we all have an incline in our own views and beliefs. We are molded by our own cultural surroundings and environmental growth causing us to be a diverse individual. My own experiences are what cause my form of identity, which can cause my struggles to be different such as my barriers in school because of this I ‘am able to view language as a social aspect in diversity that that can be difficult to over come in a community. That is why it is important to always create a social justice in the relationship among language. So, who am I? Can be a question that one must sometimes ask themselves to truly get an understanding of one’s self. I was born in JFK Memorial Hospital on May 21, 1991 as a U.S. citizen, but have always been acculturated into my family’s Mexican heritage. I associate myself as a full time student attending school and working part-time as a teacher’s assistant for the Early Childhood of Education Board. Despite my full time school activities and part time work I also dedicate my time to my family, I am an aunt of four adorable nieces and the youngest out of three. Yet this didn’t make my childhood easy because I had to deal with being the baby out of the group, which came with benefits and dis-benefits in my life. Of course I came from a proud Mexican household, however as a family, we have acculturate ourselves by taking in a new culture, but yet keeping my parents original culture causing them to become settled hard working naturalized…

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