How Healthcare Has Changed A Great Deal Essay

1067 Words Jun 13th, 2016 null Page
Healthcare has changed a great deal throughout the years, with the demand for newer more efficient processes at an all-time high. As the baby boomer generation enters retirement and new diseases pose greater threats each day, there’s no wonder why the call for newer technology and more effective medication has increased. However, with these new processes at a higher demand than ever, the cost of receiving them has increased greatly. While the processes of the 21st century have helped modernize our approach in affording healthcare including provider transparency, foundations, and healthcare reform, there remain challenges in making it affordable for everyone; keeping in mind that the responsibility for making smarter choices, and passing information to younger generations, which also affect spending, falls squarely on the publics shoulders.
Transparency from healthcare providers, letting the patient know how much something is going to cost them with or without insurance upfront, is an invaluable resource when it comes to maintaining affordable health care. At times people set off to visit a doctor or have a procedure done, only to have a bill sent to them with no way to pay for it. Transparency could solve this, it’s something that would allow people to weigh their options instead of just going in blindly. As Christopher Limbacher states “Consumers lack access to pricing information they might use to compare the services and determine whether they are…

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