How Google Sold Its Engineers on Management Essay

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Garvin’s article How Google Sold Its Engineers on Management describes Google’s unique approach to management. Google prides itself with having the best, most highly satisfied employees in the industry. A majority of its employees are engineers that prefer spending time creating and building, which makes it difficult for management to exist. Many of Google’s employees are also highly independent and do not like being micromanaged. Garvin (2013) described a 2002 experiment where Google made their organization flat, eliminating engineering managers, the company realized that managers do more than just manage projects. Managers contributed to the company, “by communicating strategy, helping employees prioritize projects, facilitating …show more content…
Mangers that are rated low in one of the eight characteristics determined by Oxygen are recommended to take a class in order to improve their ability in that specific leadership category. The idea of the surveys isn’t to target a manger, but to help managers help their employees. High scoring mangers are also asked to talk during panel discussions to give advice to fellow colleges. According to Laszlo Bock Google is, “not trying to change the nature of people who work at Google…Instead, we are saying, ‘here are a few things that will lead you to be perceived as a better manager’” (Garvin, 2013, para. 36). How Google Sold Its Engineers on Management presents data, interviews and information straight from Google. Garvin is an expert in his field, having been apart of the Harvard Business School faculty since 1979. One key in knowing that the article is credible is its publication the Harvard Business Review, a highly respected business publication. The purpose was clear, to present Google’s journey to one of the most highly regarded management systems in the technology industry. Verifiable data from Google was used to back up the article’s claims. Explaining Google’s management timeline also allowed for the reader to see the “mistakes,” Google made in order to find what eventually worked. Being upfront about the drawbacks of their Oxygen system such as “survey overload” also helped the article to be relatable and honest for other companies

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