How God Changes Your Brain Andrew Newberg And Mark Robert Waldman

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In How God Changes your Brain Andrew Newberg and Mark Robert Waldman give some very insightful descriptions of the chemical and emotional changes and processes that are occur in the brain. In this book these changes are explained in detail and the different processes that are involved with growing and maintaining a faith. The concept of faith and religious practice having a strong effect on the brain has often been the topic of debate and conflict within the religious community and secular scientists, and this book does a great job of answering this age old question of faith versus science. The major scientific and theological breakthrough is thoroughly explained in this book and this book can definitely help a reader rediscover their faith and can help answer the questions that many believers have struggled with throughout their spiritual walk.
The writers begin the book with the first section, which starts by explaining how God is viewed and explained throughout modern society with three specific sections asking pertinent questions such as what type of people are interested in a theistic worldview, does God have an strong presence or impact in our prayers, and how does having a theistic worldview specifically affect how a person’s brain changes. The second section goes into greater detail on the neuronal and evolutionary changes that occur in our brain based on having a theistic lifestyle. In the second section of this book the writers address the issues of what having a…

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