How Fashion Has Changed Into Different Trends That Reflect The Values Of The Society

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As a girl into fashion, it is important to understand the true meaning of the f word: Fashion. The fashion industry has changed into different trends that reflect the values of the society overtime. Fashion is an expression of one 's inner self and not a reflection of every one 's expectation of what should be expressed. The land of true fashion is a lion 's den and you better know what you 're up against before throwing yourself into the roaring dark, scary basement of darkness! Fashion itself is a reflection of social, money-based, political and cultural changes. It expresses modern ways of thinking and acting, symbolizing the spirit of the times. In his article "What is Fashion Design," Manesntails admits that "fashion design is a form of art dedicated to the creation of clothing and other lifestyle (added or extra things/people or things that help)." The craze for fashion is great among young people all over the world. Fashion has spread in all the worlds/areas/balls of our life. Although fashion is what most people care about the most in their life, the change of it overtime is promoted to enrich our life.
The love of fashion design allows people to express themselves. "Fashion design is all about bringing out your own individual style, drawn from the real world," ( Expressing yourself is important in letting people know who you really are and letting yourself know who you are. Fashion plays an more and more important role in an person 's life because…

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