Fashion During Ww2 Essay

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Once the United States of America got involved in World War, the fashion changed its purpose and reasoning on clothes. Factories and clothing material should not be used for military purposes. Fashion is not meant to be in the World War II and neither should factories where the clothes were made from. It was affected horribly due to forces. Fashion had a big impact during World War II from factories to designers. When World War II began that was the decline of making clothing. The factories were not used for making clothing anymore. Many lost their jobs or got moved to another occupation. The factories were now being used for making tools, bombs, and many other supplements needed. In Germany, there were a lot of factory shut downs and …show more content…
It means it is clothing that has already been used and tampered with. Women did not really like the idea since it was old clothing from the past worn by people in the past. They thought is was trashy and not elegant.” Each article of clothing was assigned a coupon value (Page 1).” The thought of the idea did not go too well but they had to accept it and get through with it since there was nothing better to do. Ever since the issue came out more women started to be more into tailoring and making clothes as an occupation since they did not want to used old clothing, but they still had perks since they had a limited amount of fabric and sources. The clothing that they made. They stopped buying clothing and started making their own. When more women started making their clothing more shops went out of business and the economy went down for awhile until the war was over and they had more resources to use. Some of the resources they used were silk, like for elegant clothing when they went out, and cotton for regular wear. “Coupons were relinquished with cash when new clothes were purchased (Page 1).” When the economy went back up and people were buying clothes again, store had a big problem with coupons so they decided no one could use coupons on purchases of clothes. When that occurred protest started

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