How Far Was Hitler Responsible For Ww2 Essay

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In the year 1933 Adolf Hitler was in charge Germany. When he was in charge, he had repeatedly blamed the Jews for not winning World War I. He also hated people with blond hair and blue eyes. Hitler had thought that the Jews were the complete opposite of them
At this time the jews were only one percent of the German population. That was around 55 million people. But they were gradually shut out of German society by the Nazis through a never-ending series of laws. Which deprived them of their German citizenship and forbade intermarriage with non-Jews. They were removed from schools, banned from the professions, excluded from military service, and were even forbidden to share a park bench with a non-Jew.
Some of the Jews had seen posters of
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The first mass arrest of Jews also occurred as over 25,000 men were hauled off to concentration camps
Many German and Austrian Jews had attempted to flee Hitler’s raid. However, most Western countries had maintained immigration quotes and had showed little bit of interest in getting large numbers of Jewish refugees. When Hitler was in charge at the time he had many struggle for world power. Hitler had still intended to blame all of the Jews for the new world war. The war had began in September 1939 while German troops had stormed into Poland. Poland was a country that was home to over three million Jews. But, while Hitler continued his journey to Europe to invading Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and France, that had placed the numbers of Jews under Nazi control. But the overall question remained as to what to do with the millions of Jews now under Nazi control.
The following year, 1941, would be the turning point. In June, Hitler took a tremendous military gamble by invading the Soviet Union. Before the invasion he had summoned his top generals and told them the attack on Russia would be a ruthless "war of annihilation" targeting Communists and Jews and that normal rules of military conflict were to be utterly

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