Essay How Facebook Can Harm Your Future

2036 Words May 23rd, 2016 null Page
Using Facebook could be something that you do during your free time or you are on it constantly. How many of you have Facebook accounts or know somebody that has Facebook? Are you constantly checking your news feed to see what others post or what your next profile picture will be, status, or just anything in general to catch other people’s attention, but are not aware of the risk factors Facebook has or what you are exposing yourself too. Many of us want to use Facebook to have fun or to chat with our family members that are far from us, but you have to make sure only your friends are able to watch what you post or do online. I am going to inform all of you guys the advantages and the disadvantages about the use of Facebook. Facebook should only be used for contacting your family friends, you could also use it to share thoughts, you could also use it to promote your business. Having a Facebook could harm your future, you could get addictive, and people that have Facebook could steal your personal information. We have to be careful on how we use it. Many people when they wake up the first thing they do is be on their cell phone to check their news feed. There 's people that take hours just looking thru their Facebook instead of doing something productive. They do not realise that they spend much time in their Facebook then doing something that they have to do. In the article, The Huffington Post, edition How to use Facebook to make yourself Happy…

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