How Equality Changed The World Essay

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“How Equality Changed The World”
Patrick Kelly
Laguna Beach High School

How Equality Changed The World The Enlightenment was a philosophical awakening that took place in Europe during the 18 and 17th century, at its origin in Europe the Enlightenment gave citizens stuck in unfair systems of government new ways to think. As once said ,(2016), “Participants thought they were illuminating human intellect and culture after the “dark” middle ages.” (p. 2). Ideals such as equality and the Enlightenment itself spread globally influencing critical founding documents of multiple countries including the U.S Constitution, Declaration of the Rights of Man, and the Haitian Constitution of 1801. Equality was one of the first ideals coming of the Enlightenment, equality’s central idea was that all people were equal and no single person is greater than another. It was the most important ideal because it gave people the same opportunity to achieve their own goals and treat each other as equals. Equality also shows its importance in the government system as a leader’s power and significance is decided by the people beneath them, and if they fail to perform the people can remove them. John Locke was the philosophe who was the most prominent leader of equality on a social and government level. John Locke mainly believed the integrity of a government relies solely on its citizens and its ability to protect them and their basic needs of life. In the Second…

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