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How effective is Old Major’s speech in chapter one?
In Chapter one, Old Major gives a speech about how the animals should rebel against Mr Jones, the human and leader of the farm in order to please all of the animals by having satisfactory amounts of the essentials. This rebellion would lead into Animalism. Animalism represents communism and how all animals should be equal. Old Major symbolizes Lenin. Lenin was a revolutionary thinker who came up with the basic concept of the Russian Revolution.
During Old Major’s speech, a wide variety of persuasive techniques are used and this is very noticeable. He creates a number of ideas that he discusses to the animals to persuade them that the rebellion is right.
The use of emotive language
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Later in the text, tripling is also used when the animals are discovering that man does not produce. Old Major says “He does not give us milk, he does not lay eggs, he is too weak to pull the plough...” By saying the actions that man can’t do, but instead are the actions that the animals do for man, it makes it more personal and makes the animals realise they are powerful.
In addition, in his speech Old Major uses exaggeration to highlight his argument that man is evil. For example he says “I am twelve years old and have had over for hundred children”. Through saying this it makes the animals shocked and want to rebel against Mr Jones, because even though most would know that is not true, they would understand that it has been so many that Old Major has lost count. Despite this, Old Major gives his orders in as simple way as possible. He says “Only get rid of man, and the produce of our labour would be our own”, which makes it seem like his idea of rebellion was very easy to execute. This would cause the animals to favour his side more.
What is more, Old Major uses opinions and partially facts during his speech. After a question which asks if the animals are meant to live in such unsatisfactory conditions, Old Major says “No, comrades, a thousand times no!” This opinion has been disguised as a fact so that the animals will believe and agree with Old Major. Also opinion in used when he states that “All men are

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