How Education Has Changed Over The Years? Essay

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Education has been in this world for many centuries. It helps inform people about how the world works and about certain processes to solve problems and communicate with other people. In today’s society, education plays a crucial role in whether an individual becomes successful or not. The way the material is presented can have a direct correlation with whether a person can retain the taught gen. The methods of presenting information to students has changed over the years because of new inventions and creative ways to help them get a great education in a more understandable way. In the past few years there has been a big debate about the idea of presenting material over tablets rather than textbooks. The people for the tablets say that these machines will reduce the cost for schools, help aid the environment, and will cause the students to interact more with the material. The people that would rather have textbooks say that tablets will cost more money (because of updating), will distract the learners, cause health issues, and will make the students reliant on Wi-Fi in order to learn. The proposed idea of replacing textbooks with tablets is debated about frequently. It is a tough call because both sides have great reasons for why their proposal should win. First of all, cost plays an extremely important role in the decision of whether tablets should replace textbooks. According to electronista news, a tablet would save as much as $250 per student for a school. This would…

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