Essay about How Earl Is The Best Of Their Lives

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Earl is a 76 year old retired businessman that lives in Denver Colorado with his 45 year old wife Candy and their small Chihuahua named Scooter. Earl and his family travel around the world with multiple trips annually. They just returned 6 weeks ago from a month long guided anniversary excursion/safari across three west African nations of Cameroon, Chad, and Nigeria. They had their own private guide and interpreter who were from the local village in Camaroon. The guide Bill, was very knowledgeable to the local areas and took Earl and Candy to several local restraunts that served some of the best African vittles west of the blood diamond mines. The sights were many and the experience was the best of their lives. They got to see child fighters of the Boko Haram, endangered Rain forest Elephants, and had the once and a lifetime opportunity to dig for their own diamonds in one of the mines. It reminded them of their vacation to Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas. They were tired after their month long trip and sad to say their goodbye to Bill. Earl who is a controlled diabetic and takes his blood sugar and insulin religiously has not been feeling well for the last 3-4 weeks. He had a cold that developed into bronchitis that seems to have lingered. He would often lay awake at night either coughing or sweating profusely. Today he woke up dizzy, light headed, and again damp from sweating. Candy comes home from shopping to find Earl who is still not feeling…

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