How Does Wiring Electricity Work? Essay examples

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The purpose for this project is to find a power source for when an emergency happens and a small electronic device needs to be charged. If a person creates an electric current by touching a metal conductor, then a device will charge – by using the electricity created. During this experiment a human participant will be used as the power source for creating electricity to charge a cellular device, an IPhone 5. The questions for the experiment are: “how does wiring electricity work?” and, “how many volts will be created from a human body and static electricity?” By answering these questions it can be determined if the IPhone will charge when the electricity is engineered through the human generated electricity.
If the electricity is engineered to hookup an electronic device properly based on the help of the qualified scientist who is an electrical engineer and charging the device works, then other people can too when in need. The engineer suggested to, “Take the wires that are connected to the wall outlet, and connect them to the aluminum plate and the copper plate using alligator clips. The receptacle also has what is called a ground wire which connects to the ground. This wire will connect to the main ground wire to the house which is usually found by the hose faucet outside of a house. The purpose for this is to ground the receptacle so nothing blows up when lightning strikes. When doing the experiment do it on a wood slab to ensure nothing else is conducting electricity…

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