How Does The Environment Affect Business Environment

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On the face of the changes in the business environment, it has become significantly important to address changes in environment which takes place on daily basis. There are various factors which are becoming dynamic with the passage of time. These changes impact individual person from the internal as well external perspective. This paper will highlight impact towards environment from individual life style and actions which lead to correct or incorrect result from environmental damage (Messner, 2009).
There are four members in my house which includes my father, mother and my younger sister. Husband runs a business of distribution of FMCG in a specific region. Wife is a post graduate and operates a boutique in a shopping mall. Daughter is currently
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It indicates that Mother begins her week with activities which are in favour of the environment but ends with activities which are not in favour of the environment. Activities in favour of the environment refer to supporting housewives to perform something productive for their surroundings. She also encourages neighbourhood to avoid travelling on personal vehicles. Furthermore, she attends meeting for her child in university on weekly basis where she meets other parents give a good inspiration. However, her activities start to decline by the end of the week. She prefers to eat junk food and doesn’t care about reusing plastic packs. If she plans to eat at home, majority of the cooked food is thrown in the drainage and wasted by her. Her influential guidance to her children reduces by the end of the week. She gives complete freedom to me and my sister to play in the garden and destroy unique and pleasant flowers (Messner, …show more content…
She starts her week more actions which are wrong in comparison to the right actions. She managed her actions only on day 3 where her right actions were more than the wrongs ones. This is the day when she performs community services where she has to resolve one issue per week for the society in which she lives. This activity is launched through her university where she will present her task so that other university student can get inspiration from her activities. Besides this one day, she acts completely irresponsible towards family and community as a whole. She pays no attention to the environment when she is out with her friends. She spends most of her time roaming around the block on personal vehicles of her friends. She aims to make her surrounding look more dirty and messy. She can handle all her problem if she tries to act with patience (Messner,

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