Personal Awareness And Self Awareness

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Individual awareness concerning the current condition of the environment has risen to the attention of psychologists in recent years, their curiosity concerning what personality traits entice a person’s awareness, concern, and intentions to act on environmental needs. An individual’s self-awareness, or self-construal, towards the environmental decay brought on heavily due to destructive human behaviors, could stem from how the individual views themselves and their actions in relation to others and the environment (Hinds & Sparks, 2008). The level to which an individual holds concern for the environment varies—one individual may view recycling and water management as an extreme importance to conserving and protecting the environment, while another individual might regard recycling as an inconvenience and water management as no benefit to their person.
Some studies suggest this relationship develops due to educational and peer awareness, as well as self-construal. For example, Lee (2009) found that within a school setting, environmental knowledge can be taught to students (ages 12-18), who then spread this knowledge to their families, heavily influencing the communities’ eco-friendly activities. Again,
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It should stand noted that interdependent (personal happiness resolves within the happiness of others, as is the egoistic individual) and independent (happiness relies on its own regardless of how others are affected, as is the altruistic and biospheric individual) personalities outline the sub-categories listed above. These groups can potentially assist psychologists in predicting an individual’s concerns, intentions, and actions involving environmentally conserving behaviors (Arnocky, Stroink, & DeCicco,

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