How Does Technology Influence Our Everyday Lives? Essay examples

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How does technology influence our everyday lives?

The revolution of technology have embarked back in the ancient time, where sword and catapults were the savior to the wars. From telegraphs to radios to computers, it’s amazing how human brains can come up with brilliant ideas that can facilitate human lives. Despite all that amazingness, we need to also look for the down side of technology. Less talking are involved in a normal conversation and less interaction among the people, less energy are invested to do work, and privacy is violated obliviously/unknowingly.

The main aftermath of the technological causes is the reduced amount of talking a person have per day and social networking. With the trend of social medias, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, keeping in touch from far distances is not a difficult action to perform/do. People are able to facetime and text their loved ones through the application within their smartphones. This can sometimes strengthen relationships but eliminate interactions between people at the same time. Nowadays, we often see conversations gradually involve awkward silence moments, where we tune into our phones, rather than facing/eye contacting each other. According to The Positive and Negative Impacts Technology Has on Our Daily Lives by Brittany Walker, a graduate assistant for ICET at University of Wisconsin-Platteville, “…dinner with friends or my significant other and as soon as there is a moment of silence or the conversation…

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