How Does Technology Affect Your Life In A Negative Way

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Bryan Creta
Mrs. G
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Final Draft Research Paper (Technlogy)
The average person uses technology and social media everyday without even realizing it; they continuously do this but they never stop to question is technology affecting their life in a negative way? From my research I’ve come up with the conclusion that technology does have an effect on us as a society in both positive negatives ways. The viewer can only determine these positives and negatives; but in my opinion the negatives are crippling are society and technology is no longer a positive thing. I remember being a kid and I was already addicted to technology and it effected my life; from playing Pokémon on my Gameboy color to watching television all day, technology
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According to “A survey of 1,102 adolescents found that 97 percent had played video games in the past day. Although most parents checked the censor’s rating before allowing their child to purchase it, 50 percent of boys and 14 percent of girls favored games with an "M" or "AO" rating, which implies a high degree of violence.”(Norcia). The percent of people that play games is really high and is starting to worry people because younger children are choosing to play violent video games that aren’t made for there age group. Violent video games have been said to be bad for young children and have caused them to be more emotionally angry. “Violence in society, of course, is not solely caused by violent media. But research shows that continuous exposure to violent media causes people to believe that violence can be an acceptable, positive way to solve problems.”(Norcia). So the studies prove children have become more aggressive; they are more prone to get into fights, and can cause a decline in life achievements. But they can also be beneficial to your state of mind. “Through what he’s calling the Self- Esteem Initiative, Baldwin and his students have created a series of video games that aim to trick the human brain into forming more positive mental images and encouraging a healthier emotional state.”(Tucker). Since they have developed a game that is beneficial to the mind this …show more content…
“Last week Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty sparked a national debate on the role of technology in Canadian classrooms.”(Maclean). In the United States of America this is a major problem but they aren’t the only country that is dealing with this problem; this is turning into a global problem. Many factors have lead to the widespread of this problem; the gigantic cloud of technology hovering over each individual has lead to this. On average each person has 2-3 electronic devices on them at all times. “Cellphones may be conduits for information, but they 're also tools of mass distraction.”(Maclean). So during school; students are texting, tweeting, taking photos, etc. This has lead to many problems and classroom disruptions due to the fact that when ever there phone goes off or the teacher has to tell them to put there phone away they have to stop what they are teaching disrupting the learning environment. This has happened several times in my high school career where a fellow classmates phone goes off and everyone pays more attention to the ring tone instead of what the teacher is saying. Students will also regularly check there social media on there phone during class preventing them from paying attention to the teacher and cause them not to learn. Students also haven’t realized yet they

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