How Does Social Media Changed Your Life Essay

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Birth of a New Lifestyle Social media is generally one of the most controversial topics of the 21st century. The infamous form of communication has many different opinions about it destroying true human interaction or that it is the true meaning behind the millennial generation. Starting with the fall of myspace soon facebook, twitter, and instagram began to be a part of every young adult’s daily lives. However, many older generations do not find it as enjoyable but for millennials and generation z it is a staple piece to their lifestyle. Twitter was introduced to me at the peak of every teenagers social awkwardness, middle school. It was the first social media website I joined and I used too much. Moreover, Twitter quickly helped shape my personality and soon changed my lifestyle. The innovation of Twitter was crucial to the formation of my identity because it made me more aware of society movements, shaped my self confidence and was an outlet for my beliefs. In general social media is an impactful part of history because it manipulates society into forming opinions and is the most common way of …show more content…
It led me to become more compassionate to others and I now rationalize when analyzing people and situations since I’ve had exposure through twitter to all spectrums of opinions. Twitter was an impactful part of the history of my life, and if the event never happened my identity would be different. It has affected my identity by making me more aware of society and overall helping me come out of my shell and find out who I really am. It created a blank space where I can see all types of views and opinions which persuaded the formation of mine. Twitter was a direct outlet for my opinion and helped me build self confidence. The rise of twitter led me to the person I am today because it truly gave me unlimited amounts of information to use to shape my

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