What Is The Importance Of The Internet And Social Media?

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The internet and social media has always been important to my life and how other people around the world live. It’s a great way to learn about the culture of others through the countless social media websites including: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and much more. Through websites like Google we can learn about anything and everything that were curious about. We are no longer in the state of getting a book to research something that is only one person’s opinion. With the internet we can see multiple opinions and debates over the validity of topics that were taught only one way. We can find things that are important to us and help us live in a way of knowing instead of living in the unknown.
The one thing people my age don’t understand is how to get a career through social media and the internet itself. More companies everyday use the internet to reach out to people who graduated and students in school
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If you are the type of person who likes to party every night, and wants to use that account to get a job, it might not work well in your favor. As well as applying through social media takes away confidence that all businesses try to show in their companies. If you decide to apply online you have less of a chance of being asked for an interview than those who go in and apply in person. Losing that aspect of showing professionalism and proving to the company that you are going to work hard, is a huge downfall. Another disadvantage includes the reliability of your social account. Just because you have worked hard on making your profile on LinkedIn seem professional and factual. Does not mean that those companies won’t look at your other social account to see how valid you are. For example if your Facebook page has your accomplishments and achievements rewards but your Twitter is full of tweet from P Diddy, you are at a disadvantage. Especially how all these accounts get linked

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