How Does Social Media Affect Our Lives? Essay

808 Words Nov 6th, 2016 4 Pages
The first thing I noticed was the fact that the Facebook page for this company is called Fireplaces For Less or @Fireplaces4Less but the Business is actually called Alpha Fireplaces for Less. If a Facebook page is being used for a specific business the name of the Facebook page and the business should be the same so it is easier for current and potential customers to find. Also the page its self is not appealing the first three posts the viewer sees are all the exact same post one is the original and the other two are just re-shares of that post. People are not interested in seeing the exact same post three times in a row. Even if the company is wanting to put out the same information they should find a way to make the post sound and look new and not just reuse an old post.
If this business really wants to use social media to bring in more customers they need to post more frequently on their page and not just a couple times a month. Also photos of the fireplaces they have done for customers should be added. Currently there are a few but not enough to really catch a potential customer’s eye especially when they have to scroll through previous posts to find a single photo. The profile picture they have should also be updated. The profile picture is boring and looks outdated. The photo also used as the cover photo is boring as well and won’t make the viewer say wow I really want them to make me a fireplace. The fireplace is cute but not outstanding and the lighting in the…

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