Essay on How Does Sleep Affect Patients?

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Teaching the importance of adequate sleep helps to increase health, productivity, wellness, quality of life, and safety on roads and the work force. In the United States, it is common for to not get enough sleep, or to just rest taking naps throughout the day. Among the general population poor sleep awareness has decreased and more mental and physical conditions are starting to arise. Healthcare professionals and policy makers are trying to implement different scenarios that can help the improve sleep among the public to make us a healthier society.

Keywords: teaching, sleep, awareness, population, implementing, improving, health

Promoting Sleep Health According to 2020 Sleep Health, twenty five percent of the United States adults report getting inadequate sleep. Sleep is a vital part of life just as nutrition is important to help personal well-being and heath. Sleep loss plays an influential part of behavior patterns that can potentially have a negative impact on family, or personal relationships. This writing will consider the following questions:
1. How does sleep impact patients?
2. How does sleep impact nursing care?
Being able to understand the effects that could help in the long term to be able to help future patients and the complexity of nurse teachings. Sleep is an important part of development. It helps the brain and the body to reboot and maintain the energy and productivity to be able to get patient’s activities of daily living. When a…

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