How Does Pop Culture Shape The Way Students See The World? Essay

840 Words Nov 1st, 2014 4 Pages
When approaching an assignment, most subjects give a specific question, you locate suitable material, craft your response and submit your paper. The requirement of this task to create our own driving question, to collaborate and create a digital artefact, created a complete sense of disequilibrium. This task was challenging, frustrating, curious and rewarding, in equal measure due to the novel pathway to tackling learning, apprehension about embracing technology in spite of everyday simplistic use and the requisite to collaborate.
Upon forming our collaboration group, Caitlin Adams (43632122) and I arranged to meet up the following week, each having applied individual thought to possible topics and driving question suggestions we would like to explore, in order to brainstorm and create our question. Via a process of face-to-face and online discussion; email and our Google Doc, elimination and refinement, we finally established our driving question “How does pop culture shape the way students see the world?”.
We both felt popular culture was possibly the least scrutinised option compared to the other options of media and technology, which would therefore hold the most interest for us to research. The question we initially created, although predominantly similar to our final question, was cumbersome and unnecessarily wordy; via some skilled support from our tutor, we realised the value of clarity in simplicity. Through further discussion, the approach we would adopt to…

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