How Does One Infomercial Persuade You? Essay examples

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How does one infomercial persuade you to want to buy its product? Simple, they tell you what you want to hear, but in ways that aren’t obvious. This particular infomercial is about a device called the flashcord. The flashcord allows you to record up to 25 hours of audio information and simply plug it in to your computer, as you would do a flash device, and the audio is there for you to play back for your remembrance. Despite its loathed and deplorable acting, the infomercial is very persuasive. The infomercial uses three forms of arguments as well as different fallacies , which are errors or tricks of reasoning (Core Curriculum Department. 2016, pg.151) to get its point across. They use ethos, which is an appeal to the credibility of the speaker or writer, logos which is a logic appeal and pathos, which appeals to the audience’s emotions. Ethos is a form of argument based off of one’s character or off of an authoritative figure. Before you can say something is ethos, you must first examine how successfully a speaker or writer establishes authority or credibility with their audience. For instance, the flashcord infomercial starts off by using a fallacy called appeal to false authority. This fallacy used people dressed professionally and also a doctor to help the audience see that the product can be trusted by those who they think have authority. This is a way of telling its viewers that they are credible because they have professional beings at the beginning of their…

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