Persuasive Essay: The Problem Of Childhood Obesity

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A Change In Overweight We live in a time were almost anything you eat makes anyone comment “ it makes you fat.” Fast food use to be rare now everywhere it is spotted. The influence of society has stimulated anyone to make unhealthy choices and lack motivation to exercise. Although, society has convinced individuals that obesity is not a problem, in reality it is one of the biggest issues especially for the little ones. It is not just to eat right and getting the proper workout, but positively changing what causes children to gain weight tremendously. The fast food industry has taken charge on how to advertise pulling in customers. Commercials showing little ones when buying a “happy meal” a toy is received, this is how they not only pull …show more content…
Childhood obese are more prone to low self-esteem, negative body image and depression. Obese children are an easy target to bully because they target the weight and the appearance. It is not okay for little ones to get bullied, bullied will and does make things worse. In many cases some go into a deep depression and have such a low self- esteem. When little ones go into “depression” it just leads them to wanting to consume more and not wanting to get involve in any school activities inside or outside. Kids who are over weight shouldn 't be judge for they way they may look, even if being “fat” is genetics or not. Kids who are not overweight should encourage their classmate, friend, or best friend to eat better and make better choices. In conclusion, the answer to this horrendous situation is parenting and teaching everyone what affects it may cause to a little one. Children should not be increasing obesity but decreasing the obesity in young ones. Families should gather and motivate their kids to go our for a walk or simply just playing any kind of sport will help them getting an exercise in. In any circumstances it is not okay for children to have to live with any disease because of being over weight. Changing the life style you live in the most positive way with the little ones can lower kids from becoming over weight and becoming

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