How Does Golding Use Fear In Lord Of The Flies

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In the book Lord of the Flies, William Golding represents today's society with a group of boys stranded on an island. They are without adults, resources, and guidance to help them survive. They have to learn to work together to live but some of their differences may keep them from surviving. The boys soon learn that it is not easy to agree with everyone in the group and find out this is not as easy as it seems. They also learn that they must stay with each other if they want to survive. Not only so that they can gather food but also so they can protect each other from the dangers on the island. Through the imaginary beast, Golding conveys that fear, insanity, and eventually murder rule over the boys’ lives.
Golding shows that the fear of the
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The boys want to explore the island, play games, and hunt for meat. They start to look for meat on the island to eat. Eventually they catch a pig and are very excited to finally eat meat. They make a game out of the hunt where one of the little boys pretends to be the pig and the other boys are the hunters. The boys reenact the scene where they cornered, captured, and killed the pig. While they are playing the game they become too aggressive and begin the hurt the little boy. He begins to “squeal in mock terror, then in real pain” (114). The minds of the boys began to make them think that the little boy is actually the pig. They begin to poke their spears at him and chant “‘[k]ill the pig! Cut his throat! Kill the pig! Bash him in!” (114). They all want to squeeze and hurt the thing that is over-mastering them. Their actions begin to take over their minds and they don’t stop to think about what they are doing. They continue to hurt the little boy until he is screaming in pain. The boys finally get ahold of themselves and stop hurting the little boy. The little boy complains that they hurt him, but all of the other boys try to rationalize their actions by saying that they were only playing a game. Their actions show that the idea of the beast and killing it is slowly making them go insane. Their minds let them think that the little boy playing the pig was the beast and they began to want to kill the …show more content…
The boys have just had another kill. They decide to have a feast and start to do a dance. They suddenly see a figure crawl out of the forest--it is Simon, one of the boys on the island. The chant, the darkness, and the fact that they have never seen the beast all make them pounce on the figure. They began to attack Simon, thinking that he is the beast. They “stuck, bit, and tore” at his flesh with their “teeth and claws,” (153) trying to kill what they thought was the beast. They boys begin to stagger away from the figure and realize how small the body really is as they watched the blood stain the beach. They reached the breaking point of insanity. The boys--out of fear--killed Simon thinking that he was the thing that haunted them the entire time on the island. They felt no compassion or sympathy as they ripped the life out of one of their friends. Fear took over their thoughts, actions, and lives the moment they attacked Simon. The fear of the unknown beast took over their actions and caused them to kill one of the people they had grown to love

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