Essay on How Does Gender Stereotypes Affect Today 's Society

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How does gender stereotypes in the media affect people in today’s society, especially women?

Gender stereotypes in today’s media effects nearly every aspect of public life, from job interviews and housing to police stops and prison terms. This goes to show how stereotyping in the mass media, which includes advertising, news industries and entertainment, has affected our perception on different genders, as stereotypes generalize individuals within a group, emphasizing sameness and ignoring the individual variety. Gender stereotyping is also portrayed in the media, in which women are placed in disadvantaged situations, for example, passive and submissive roles, while men are depicted to be more successful and concerned with their occupations. It is evident that gender stereotyping in modern media has heavily impacted women in a negative way (Dill and Thill, 2007). In today’s society, the media such as television, movies, magazines, advertisements, and video games put a lot of ideas in our head. There are so many common gender stereotypes in the media that it has taken over our lives in many different aspects.

We learned in Anthropology class, that gender is cultural, and not biological. Gender is defined as the expectations of thought and behavior that each culture assigns to people of different sexes. In other words, gender is cultural, and not biological. As globalization transforms gender roles and gender relations on both local and global scale, the meaning of gender is…

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