Gender Roles In Kathryn Stockett's The Help

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Media portrayals gender in many different perspectives. Because of stereotypes, genders have specific categories that they are placed in order to be considered that type of sex. Females have been depicted and stereotyped for years because of their gender. Their abilities are judged based on the status quo. Because of stereotypes, females have been considered as inferior to males, which is a bias assumption that society formed. Some females have been taught their entire life that they will never be as good as the opposite sex, and so they began to believe those fabrications themselves. The representations of how mothers are the caretakers of a home affect the younger generation’s perspective about gender roles because they base ideas and beliefs …show more content…
The white mothers within this book had little maternal responsibilities because they were so dependent on their servants to take care of their children for them. Most of the young, white mothers in this novel were portrayed negatively because these mothers primarily focused on their physical appearance and their social gatherings. As a result, they chose to hand their responsibilities as a mother to the help and ignore their children. This shows how many mother’s during this time were ignorant of their child’s well-being, which establishes the idea that mother’s need to be the primary caretaker of a home because if they depend on others, they become oblivious of how to raise a child of their own. Since this novel stressed about how some white southern women were inefficient mothers, this shows viewers that some mother’s cannot even take care of their own child and are reliant on others. Today’s youth are ambivalent to such ideas because they have not been exposed to parenthood. By watching these dependent southern women, they can assume that motherhood can be solved by employing someone else to take care of their children. It also places the idea that women are bound to their homes while their husbands are the one’s pursuing a …show more content…
Some television series demonstrate how being a women limits them from gaining important positions, and the only way they can gain power is by using their body to seduce the boss. This is a very negative perspective about females in today’s society which is why gender inequality exists. In The Mindy Project created by Mindy Kaling, the female protagonist, Mindy Lahiri, is overshadowed by her fellow associates within the Schulman and Associate’s obstetrics and gynecology clinic. She was hired on the basis of a blunder made by the supervisor because he had mistaken her name with the African American male who they had intended to hire. Because of this incident, she was not taken seriously as a doctor, so she had to put forth more effort than her co-workers in order to gain respect within the workspace. Within the television show, Mindy is a new mother, and her over demanding significant other, Danny Castellano, expects her to quit her position as an associate to stay at home to take care of their child. In an episode, Mindy and Danny switched places for a day, so that Danny can see what it takes to be a stay at home parent. However, instead of understanding why she wants to continue to work as a doctor, Danny’s experience reaffirms his belief of why women should be full time moms. "I 've always worked. That didn 't change just because I

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