How Does Edgar Allan Poe Create Suspense

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Sweating, fast heartbeat, delusions, also commonly know as fear. Curiosity, the unknown, eeriness, is more known as mystery. This thesis is how Edgar Allan Poe crafts exceptional short stories with these qualities. I will be using The cask of amontillado to prove my thoughts of how suspense, mood, and mystery are created. 1 element for creating mystery is a revenge story. A second element for creating mystery is little subtle things in a story. A final element for creating mystery is long rising action, and right before the climax a sudden turn of events spilled upon the page. This thesis is about how Edgar Allan Poe creates Mood and Mystery. A revenge story is a great way to create suspense. In The Cask of Amontillado right at the beginning Montresor proclaims his hateful passions for Fortunato. This tells us that Montresor could be planning or has already planned to do something bad to Fortunato. I think it is very effective to begin with revenge. It is in which revenge can result in horrid actions that cloud our judgment and void our beings of rhyme or reason that lead to the agony or even death of others. In conclusion a revenge story phenomenal way to create suspense. Next adding little subtle things to a story can create intense feeling of suspense. In the raven Poe adds little things that make the story seem …show more content…
I find it is needed to have a longer time explaining and also showing actions done by the charters. For example Poe has a very long walk to the wine, it allows a long time to converse between the characters and it shows the hate that Montresor has toward Fortunato. I think it is good to have a longer rising action, but i don't find it absolutely necessary for suspense. It does have very helpful aspects as to the way the protagonist and antagonists prosper in the story. I think it is important to have a rather longer rising action to forge the more intense

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