Suspense In The Raven

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In the poem The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe, the mood he creates is suspense {{suspenseful}}. Poe creates this mood by using the setting, sound effects, and diction. Poe uses these 3 literary terms all throughout the poem. Using these 3 terms has me wondering "what's next?". as i {{I}} read.

To begin with, Poe creates suspense in the play, but one of the ways he creates this mood is the setting and time. He states that it's dark at midnight, stating this early in the poem already gives off a suspenseful vibe. It most cases, being in the dark at midnight is very creepy. Moving on, he states that it's in December, but describes December as a bleak December which means cold and miserable.Stating that it was cold and miserable has the reader wondering

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