How Does Drugs Affect The Community

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Discuss how the presence of drugs in a neighborhood affects a community. What type of social action is needed to help keep this community safe and drug free?

The presence of drugs anywhere effects individuals, families and communities. If there are drugs present in a neighborhood, this especially affects the community around it. One way drugs impact a community is the increase crime. “At least half of the individuals arrested for major crimes, including homicide, theft, and assault were under the influence of illicit drugs” (Magnitude). This increase violence results from both teenagers and adults being addicted to drugs and who have no income to pay their habit. This results in them stealing. Also, there is no telling what a person would
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Another major effect drugs have on a community is children are at risk. First off, around the adolescence years of a child is a high vulnerability to drug abuse. Since adolescence fall into peer-pressure, it is easy to suck them into doing drugs which expands the amount of people abusing drugs in the neighborhood. Second, child abuse and neglect is another cause drugs inflict on the community. This can lead to a child becoming an orphan, as well as, a decline in education. If this happens then the child will result in bad school results, leading to unemployment when they grow up. Other affects drugs have on a community is drug use is a way of not meeting and solving problems in life which, when people don’t solve their problems, the society will work less well, the effects of drug abuse can be expensive for the society to cure, and drug abuse can make people behave unsafe, irresponsible and aggressive, which puts others in harm’s way. Having the presence of drugs in a neighborhood makes a community at high-risk for hazardous and dangerous things. There are some ways, though, to keep a community safe and drug free. …show more content…
By legitimizing these behaviors, cultures perpetuate violence against women” (Alexander). So the tradition of male dominance where they are viewed as being superior to the women, makes women vulnerable to abuse and violence. Some traditional attitudes of a women’s role in society are obeying her husband, having food reading for him, and having sex whenever he wants. If any of these are disobeyed, violence is triggered. Adding on, in our Alexander book it expresses how historically, it has been socially acceptable for a husband to physically discipline his wife. Domination over females caused, and still causes, violence and rape. Not only were the traditional attitude of women’s roles and violence happening long ago but they still happen nowadays. Some factors that influence this today are property influences, alcohol and drug influences and media influences. Poverty and joblessness are strongly connected with violence. “The relationship between violence, poverty, and joblessness may result from feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem brought on by unemployment, stress associated with financial instability, and/or an inability to provide for one’s family” (Alexander). Thus, these emotions lead to anger and frustration causing fighting and violence. Substance use is another relationship connected to violence.

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