How Does Depression Affect Life

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Depression impacts people lives by having problems at home, stressing out of work, lots of money, divorces, bullying, relationships, school, dislike your body image, lots of attention, unhappy with money (rich people), social media, low self esteem, sexual abuse, or harass. Many people can’t control it because when you’re depressed it can feel like no one can’t really understand. You cry into tears and don’t know what to do anymore that’s when people think about suicide. You feel like it’s the end and no one can help you. Depression can be a sickness and emotionally.

Depression can take away your life little by little and your happiness. It can also harm your body and change your mind of point of views towards everything. People over think
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Stress runs through daily life for an example relationships, worry about things, death in the family, and major life events. It can lead you to depression the only way I know that is because I worried too much and it brings me down. Especially right now since I’m writing my six page essay. When stress becomes great in our body it either “fights” or “flights”. Our brain gives us two choices like we can run from one thing that is causing the stress (flight) or we can’t stand firm and face it (fight).
In Canada, suicide is the second most common killer of teens. Canada has the third highest suicide rate of developed nations. No one really knows why teens are taking their own lives. Teens that kill themselves don’t see the future or their dreams. I understand that what they go through its tough but sometimes they have to focus on their self and see the good
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Each year 250,000 teens attempt suicide and 2,000 actually kill themselves. Accidents rank first than suicide. The only reason why teens kill themselves is because delinquency, social media, drug abuse, divorce, abuse, parental neglect, homophobia, thinking you don’t mean anything in this world, and past experiences. What I mean by past experiences is that people who have been harass or child abuse it’s really hard to move on and to deal with it for the rest of your life because you get traumatic and sometimes you just cry into tears thinking it’s all over and once you get in a relationship its hard they think they might do the same thing of what they went through but all I can say it’s an awful experience. Six percent to fifteen percent of women have experienced some form of sexual abuse in their childhood. Throughout the process of depression it leads you to suicide but after killing yourself you’re loved ones may feel shocked, sorrowful, guilt, anger, and depress. They may even want to kill themselves too to be with that person who killed themselves. This is a bad mistake. Even people who are stuck in depression deeply or not that deeply they keep having the idea on killing themselves, but some depressed people survive through it. Some make it because they had way more luck and the ability to stop but some don’t they take their lives

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