How Do You Make Your Logo Standout? Essay

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How do you make your logo standout?

Unfortunately, many companies make serious mistakes when they design their logos. These are good businesses with bright futures, but they often end up with logos that are less than ideal, or even poorly designed. And getting customers to notice or remember a bad logo is a very difficult thing to do.
When you set out to create your new logo, be sure to avoid these five critical mistakes:

Critical Mistake #1: Drawing Your Logo Yourself

Many bad logos happen because a business owner tries to do it all themselves. They need something fast, so they create it themselves or ask a friend to do it. And while they plan on doing it the right way eventually, they seldom get the chance.
An unprofessional logo can destroy trust among potential customers and keep customers from buying your products. And it takes very deep pockets for a business to survive a lack of customers.
Use professional help for the basic designs and then narrow your choice by exposing them to your customer base opinion and vote.

Critical Mistake #2: Forgetting About Your Customer

Many business owners choose a logo based on their tastes. They select colors, icons and fonts that appeal to them or their inner circle of family members and friends, and as all we know that is wrong because if you really need an unbiased feedback you don’t include your close inner circle in that survey, because they are extremely bias, that is why they are your close inner circle, because they share…

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