How Do You Expect The Language Exchange Center Of Function? Essays

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Client Questions

How do you expect the Language Exchange Center to Function?

The language center should function somewhat like a YMCA. It should open to everyone in the community. The center should be an active hub where people gather and learn, and share experiences. The community should have a large part in the way the center functions. The center should almost be able to run on its own. Since this a historic building, are there any artifacts you would like showcased in the space? Yes, I believe should be some artifacts or images in the hallways that represent the history of the building. It is important to pay homage to the grounds and all that the island represents. Maybe some graphic images would suffice. I feel that when you enter the building you should still get a sense of the history and that something great happened here. It would be a disservice to the Island if everything was made brand new with no traces left of what a vessel this place was to the growth of America.

Do you need any outdoor space for activities?

I 'm not sure outdoor space is necessary. I mean, the weather most times of the year does not permit for much outdoor activities. It could be a nice element in the spring and summer months. I suppose it really depends.
Or is indoor space suitable? Indoor space would probably be sufficient for what is trying to be achieved.

Does it need to be adjacent to anything in particular?
How do you envision this space to look? Great question!…

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