How Do Smartphones Affect Our Behavior? Essay

1686 Words Dec 22nd, 2015 null Page
How do smartphones affect our sociability?
“Among real-life friends and acquaintances, topics that are traditionally taboo, including politics and religion, are suddenly visible online in the places people visit, the photos they share and the opinions they endorse” says Wall Street Journal author Keith Hampton. People post new information all the time on social media sites that can be accessed by smartphones, whether it’s to share their experiences or attract attention from the public. Smartphones expand the horizons of real world sociability. This is demonstrated by my own personal experience with Facebook, the power of online communities, the ability to facilitate deeper level conversations, and the constant communication people can have with each other.
My personal experience with Facebook is a prime example of how smartphones positively impact real world sociability. From my experiences, social networking is the technological innovation that brought the greatest change in my life. Prior to creating a Facebook account on a smartphone, I was an introvert. For several years, no one my age spoke to me and I lacked the courage to socialize in school. The only thing I had at that time was my imagination. I thought carefully about everything and found ways to make my free time an interesting experience. Gradually, loneliness came as I ran out of things to do. When my parents gave me a smartphone, I took my first step into the social networking world by creating a Facebook…

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