Iphone 5s Research Paper

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A Shift from the iPhone To choose between which phone to buy, can be a difficult decision. In my experience, I broke my iPhone 5s by an accidental drop and I did not have enough means to afford another Apple iPhone. I was accustomed to iPhone smartphones, for several years, and changing to an android was a great transition. I came upon the LG G2 after reading and viewing multiple reviews of affordable smartphones similar to my old phone. I realized the android product was offering similar essentials as Apple. The android LG G2 compared to the iPhone 5s, is worth the purchase because of its qualities such as affordability, battery life, display, and overall performance. How much is spent on a purchase is a …show more content…
The LG G2 makes navigating easy to complete with its high speed data processor. I usually do not worry about it freezing, and can navigate the web when needed. Being a college student requires multi-tasking, and the LG G2 is a great tool in viewing/using multiple pages at the same time. This performance may not be as organized like the iPhone 5s, since multiple windows can open up and be all over the place on the android.The clustering makes the display messy and the text size unreadable. But its performance is still great and packed with quality that can be time efficient when wanting to complete any reading and an assignment simultaneously. The camera may not be as good because of the slow lack of focus, but its amount of megapixels makes it a high definition performance. On the contrary, some aspects of the LG G2 can be setbacks like the phone design. The LG G2 manufacturers decided to design the phone with just a single-button located on the back surface, used as the power and volume button. It can be a setback because people can find it annoying and unnecessary. At first I was not familiar with the button, but after days of usage I adjusted. This android design also does not have a memory slot since it is already integrated into the hardware. The design should not actually be a setback, but something that actually makes the phone

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