How Do Drones Affect Humankind

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How are drones affecting the humankind? This is the 21st century’s most representative question. Lately, the robots are used in almost every industry, doing jobs that are too dangerous or impossible for humans. However, the new technology is mainly used by the military, the most known example being drones that are used for espionage and even armed attacks against human beings. Drone aircrafts have had a huge impact on modern warfare, being able to provide surveillance and combat capabilities at low cost and without risk to the human operator.
First, the drones have revolutionized the modern warfare by providing a multifunctional aircraft for a low price that has led to an increase in robotized weapons not only in the US but all over the world. According to The Economist, “Drones are much less expensive to operate than manned warplanes. The cost per flight-hour of
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An important asset of drones is their ability to remain in the air longer than any human pilot, the spy-drones having a flight endurance of approximately 40 hours, while the armed ones can stay for 14 hour in the air. The extended flight time allows for uninterrupted surveillance, and The Global War on Terror has shown how effective drones are at eliminating threats at no risk to the human operator (Morbi). According to P. W. Singer, “the introduction of unmanned systems to the battlefield doesn't change simply how we fight, but for the first time changes who fights at the most fundamental level. It transforms the very agent of war, rather than just its capabilities” (qtd. in Brunstetter). Furthermore, because there are no soldiers involved, the United States has asserted its right to conduct drone strikes outside of war zones (Feffer). Summing up, the modern warfare is unpredictable because if there is no human life at risk, it is more likely to engage in an armed

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