How Discrimination Can Take Place Around The World Essay

2357 Words Dec 15th, 2016 10 Pages
Since the dawn of times, since the first man and woman were created and summoned by God to “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it”, discrimination of all forms has been a constant battle. Centuries later is still affecting the world extensively today. There are various ways discrimination can take place around the world. Whether it is discrimination of gender, race, appearance, religious beliefs…etc. it is still a sensitive issue happening every day. All of these types of discrimination have taken place throughout the years and have found some resolution in trying to better this world for the coming generation. Although progress has been made in trying to minimize discrimination, there are still certain issues that have been kept in the hide and are causing people pain. One of those issues takes place in every field that has women and men workers. Before they were granted to vote, women were treated as second-class citizens. They were not allowed to be educated and have a career, rather society expected them to get married and have children and that would be the end of it. Though there have been some modifications, 80 years later, the root of the story stays the same. Women are still treated like second class citizens. In this day and age, women with the same, if not more level of work and educational experience are paid less than men. According to the article Income Inequality Disproportionately Harms Women of Color, “Women on average earn 77 cents…

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