Essay on How Did the World Begin? Religion or Science?

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How did the world begin? Religion or science?
The ultimate question
That is a tough question that every human is asked at least once in their life time. Religious groups and scientists around the world and throughout history try to answer this question.
Where did the world come from?
Where did this all start? Once, there was nothing, then there was god who created the world, but if God made the world, the universe and everything else, what made God? Where does God come from? Who made the world? God. Who made God? He can't have just been there forever. Nothing has existed forever. The questions can continue forever. God is one answer, but even then, the question still stands. Where does everything come from? Life may have first been
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So it was that God created the world and the heavens. He made all the creatures, which walk, swim. Crawl and fly on the face of the earth. He made the angels, and the sun, moon and the stars to dwell in the universe. And consider, as the Qur'an says, how God poured down the rain in torrents, and broke up the soil to bring forth the corm, the grapes and other vegetation; the olive and the palm, the fruit trees and the grass.

* According to the Hindu story, there are three important gods. Lord Brahma( the Creator) maintained by Lord Vishnu (the Preserver) and destroyed by Lord Shiva. Vishnu has been resting on the great snake Ananta. These are part of the supreme one. Brahma created the world. A day for him is like million and thousands of years for us. When Brahma goes to sleep, Shiva destroys the world and everything else. After that, the world will be created again.

People do not agree or disagree with these stories. One side might just say, ‘this is what I believe. I will follow Jesus, because that is what the god wanted? ‘These people do not think about it like about a philosophy, they do not have meaningful answers for the philosophical questions, their answer would, ‘because that is what God wanted, we are here to look after the land.’ Of course some are not so strong believers and have logical answers that we can understand: ‘the Christian cross is here with us, because it is the symbol of Earth with its points representing north, south, east, and

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