How Did The United States Prepare Fight For The First World War?

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How did the United States prepare to fight for the first World War? The United States prepared politically, economically, and militarily. They prepared by increasing the military size and weapon manufacturing. World War I was an interest America had and wanted an allied victory. The government wanted to persuade the people that going to war was the right thing to do, so they asked the public for participation to raise money for the war. The government actually raised income taxes for financial support for the war. The United States did not want to go into this war and be commanded by anyone else. The United States wanted to be a completely separate army, and they were going to do anything to accomplish this goal. . The separate army was known as the American Expeditionary Force, or AEF. At the time the United States had a small army and a small navy, according to the European standards. This had to change if the United States wanted to have any affect at all on the war. In the summer of 1917 it was determined that if the Americans wanted to be an effective force they would need one million troops by the next spring, At the time they had 379,000 troops from the Army and the National Guard that entered the war, and by the end the number dramatically rose to 3.7 million. This number rose because the Unites States conducted a draft in May of 1917. This draft that was conducted was mandatory so there was not a choice for many young men who were single without children. How…

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