How Did Joanna Dennehy's Murder?

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“It could be worse – I could be fat” These were the words of Joanna Dennehy, the third woman in the United Kingdom to be sentenced to life in prison as she was being processed after being arrested (Smith, para. 1). Dennehy, born in 1982, was arrested at the age of 30 and convicted for three murders and the attempt of 2 additional murders in the year 2013. From a cute baby-faced angel arose a murderous Joanna Dennehy. Alongside her accomplice Gary Stretch, age 42, Dennehy committed a heinous crime; murder. In the stretch of nine days, Dennehy along with the help of Stretch, murdered three men: and old friend and roommate Lukasz Slaboszewski, another roommate John Chapman, and her lover and landlord Kevin Lee (Murderpedia, sec. 1).
Not having a particular MO, Dennehy did have a specific way of selecting her victims. They had to be men as she did not wish to kill women, especially if they had children (Wikipedia, Victim Selection and motives). The first of the murders were John Chapman and Lukasz Slaboszewski, whom were both roommates of Dennehy. They were killed sometime between the 19th
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“In astonishing video footage of her being booked into a police station just minutes after her arrest she can be heard telling officers: “It could be worse – I could be big, fat, black and ugly” (Smith, 2014). It was also told that during the entire booking process, she was whimsical, even happy with the circumstances she was in. On another account, it states that she was laughing and joking with the arresting officers, saying that “Attempted murder and murder is nothing. It’s like going down for a Sunday roast, easy,” and that she was enduring “really hectic week” (Smith, 2014). Additionally, when she was lead to the jail cells, she walked with a hunch and did some sort of “bizarre chicken walk “saying, “I’m the Incredible Hulk” (Smith,

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