How Did Industrialisation Affect the Health of British Workers

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The Industrial Revolution is often referred to as a key period in the economic and social history of Britain. Industrialisation refers to the gradual change from traditional, agricultural methods to those involving some form of mechanised, factory based production. Britain was the first nation in the world to go through the process of becoming industrialised. The industrial Revolution is thought to have begun at some time in the 18th century, and continued to the 20th century. Historical evidence shows that, during this period, industrialisation transformed British society and the lives of British people. Social transformation did not happen suddenly,as though one
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This gradual move from domestic to factory-based systems of production did not occur at the same pace in all areas of industry, and varied across the regions of Britain.

The living conditions of workers and their families differed greatly from that of the upper-and middle-class city residents. The comfortable lifestlyes of the upper-class families were shared by the increasingly well off middle class. Professionals such as lawyers and doctors and small business owners were better able to provide their families with conviniences and luxuries previously only available to the upper class. Even middle-class parents who were not very affluent had comfortable lives and offered their children the advantages of education, health care, and proper sanitation. Workers and their families, for the most part, did not share in these advantages of city life.
Prior to the 1800s, most cities developed in place that were convenient to land and water trading routes. The Industrial Revolution, however, led to an explosive growth of cities in areas that were not natural marketplaces. The building of factories or mills often led to a rapid rise in the surrounding population as people flocked in to find work. Factory owners and middle class families took the best available housing and constructed new and more lavish homes on private estates.The workers and their families were forced to make living due with whatever housing was offered

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